Parking Information

The Orange County School Board allows students to use the parking lot only with approval of the principal.  Driving on campus is a privilege…not a right.  The school/or school officials have the right to search any vehicle on OCPS Property. Guidelines and Policy for Freedom High School parking is as follows:

Student Parking Rules

  • No student may park on the school grounds until he/she has purchased an authorized Freedom High School parking hanger. Parking hangers must be hung from mirror and visible at all times. Students parking in an unauthorized area or parking without a legally purchased parking hanger may have their vehicle towed at the owner’s expense.
  • Students may only park in his/her assigned parking space corresponding to the students parking hanger number.
  • Cost of the parking hanger is $75.00 for the entire 2019-2020 school year.
  • Report lost or stolen hangers to Ms. Pitre-Nieves in Room 102 within 48 hours.  A replacement hanger will cost $15.  Students will not be allowed to park on Freedom High School property until a replacement hanger is purchased.
  • Parking hangers must be displayed from the rear-view mirror of the vehicle at all times.  Failure to display the hanger may result in the vehicle being towed at the owner’s expense.
  • Parking privileges will be revoked for excessive tardiness or absenteeism to school.
  • Students driving to school are expected to arrive on time; violations will result in a loss of parking privileges and confiscation of hanger for unexcused tardiness. In addition, unexcused tardiness may result in further disciplinary action.
  • Students cannot give or resell a parking hanger to another student (hangers are non-transferable).  To do so will result in confiscation of the hanger and a loss of parking privileges for the remainder of the school year.

  • Parking hangers cannot be transferred from the vehicle to which it is registered to an unregistered vehicle without approval of the FHS Administration.  Failure to comply will result in loss of hanger for a minimum of 10 days or the duration of the school year.  All transfers request must be in writing to Mr. Walker in room 402.
  • Any student who is in possession of a stolen or counterfeit hanger will be found in violation of the OCPS Code of Student Conduct 3M, suspended for 10 days and lose parking privileges for the remainder of the school year.
  •  Students are not to congregate in the parking lot, sit in/on their vehicle, sit on their truck tailgates, play loud music prior to or after school (violations of Orange County Ordinance 07/01/05 may result in citation from Orange County Sheriff’s Department).  Students are not to cross parking lanes to exit or enter the assigned parking space.  Failure to comply with these rules will result in disciplinary action.


1st Offense


3rd Offense

Loss of hanger up to 10 Days

2nd Offense

Loss of hanger up to 5 Days

4th Offense

Loss of hanger for the School Year


  • Reckless driving of ANY type by a student which creates endangerment when entering, leaving or while on school grounds will result in disciplinary action and/or a citation from the Orange County Sherriff’s Office School Resource Officer.


1st Offense

Loss of hanger up to 10 Days

2nd Offense

Loss of hanger for the School Year


  • Any student who uses their vehicle to leave or transport another student off campus without proper authorization is in violation of school policy.  Students leaving early must stop at guard shack and present permit to leave campus to guard.


1st Offense

Loss of hanger up to 10 Days & Disciplinary Action

2nd Offense

Loss of hanger for the School Year & Disciplinary Action


Notice of Liability

This shall serve as notice that Freedom High School and the School Board of Orange County Florida are not liable for any vandalism to, or theft of or from, vehicles parked on Freedom High School property.


FHS Parking Eligibility

 Students must meet the minimum requirements to purchase a FHS parking hanger: 

Fully Credited- 11thor 12thGrades Only

2.0 GPA or higher

90% Attendance or better

No Outstanding Obligations in Media Center

Freedom High School Student ID

Valid FL Driver’s License (no learners permit)

Vehicle Registration

Proof of Insurance- Declaration page indicating student is on the policy

*All documents must be current (not expired) and addresses should match school database.*

Parking Hanger Application

SchoolPay for Parking Decals