Alma Mater & Fight Song

Freedom Fight Song - "Stand Up and Cheer"

Stand Up and Cheer!

Stand Up and Cheer for Freedom High School

In red, white and blue,

Our team will charge onto the field.

Patriots are mighty.

All opponents shake in fear.

Our spirit's strong, yell loud and long!

For Freedom High, Stand Up and Cheer!

Stand Up and Cheer! - mp3 file (Music only)

Freedom's Anthem - "Let Freedom Ring"

Let Freedom ring, let my heart sing,

I honor thee. Oh Freedom High.

With what I've learned

In excellence, I will achieve. Oh, Freedom

May tradition echo through these halls,

I'm ever grateful for these walls.

Oh, Oh, hail Freedom High.

Let Freedom Ring - mp3 file (Music only)

Freedom's Alma Mater is currently under revision