Back-to-School Year Info

Classes Begin on August 10th
Classes will begin on Aug. 10th through the LaunchEd program. Students who chose the face-to-face option will begin on LaunchEd on Aug. 10th, and then will report to campus on Aug. 21st.

For more information on the Return to School Plan, visit the OCPS School Reopening Plan here.

If you are new to OCPS or are transferring in from another school, we encourage you to take care of the registration process as soon as possible. Please visit out registration page to get that process taken care of.

Class Schedules

Schedules will be available on Skyward on Aug 7th.

Virtual Meet and Greet
Meet our Admin team, Deans, and School Counselors as they introduce themselves and welcome you to the start of the new school year.

Watch the Freedom Virtual Meet & Greet Here

Virtual Meet the Teacher
Parents and Students, you have an opportunity to meet your teachers before we get started. You can a look at your schedule, find your teachers, and find the link to their videos on our Meet the Teacher page.

Media Center & Tech Support

Students who need tech support:
Complete the student tech request ticket on LaunchPad. (You can also access the ticket at

Next, if there is no response after 24 hours, the student can then sign up for an appointment on the FHS Tech Support and Media Center Appointments 2020-21 form.

Students who need to visit the Media Center in general (don’t have a laptop, obligations, books, textbooks, etc.):
Students can sign up for an appointment on the FHS Tech Support and Media Center Appointments 2020-21 form.

Student who need a Hotspot:
If you need a hotspot, go to LaunchPad and click on the Hotspot Request icon. We will contact you when it is ready to be picked up. (If you can't access LaunchPad, call 407-816-5600, ext. 6052256.) 

Parking Permits
Senior and Juniors can now complete their digital application for the FHS 2020-21 Parking Passes. To apply visit:


Freedom Athletics
OCPS has suspended fall athletic activities until further notice, we will post tryout information once we know the return dates. Stay up-to-date on Athletics at