Early Childhood

The Academy of Early Childhood Education is for students who are interested in pursuing a career in Education or working in the child care industry. The academy offers students a rigorous and relevant curriculum, hands-on training, and opportunities for earning state certifications, the Early Childhood Professional Certificate, as well as scholarships and college credit. The academy students will work with the children on campus at Freedom Friends Preschool, local daycares, elementary and middle schools. The program consists of 120 hours of classroom instruction and 480 hours of direct work with children.


Program Plan

Incoming freshman need to register for the 2016-2017 school year. Current Freedom students completing Child Development will be recommended and registered in the program.


Academy Requirements

  • Students must complete a Tech Prep Program plan for Early Childhood Education.

  • Students must complete a background screening, register as a school volunteer through OCPS, and complete an affidavit of good moral character.

  • Students must register, complete, and pass the certification exams for 45 hours of mandated training to complete the program. (This training will be taught in ECE 1 and may be revisited throughout the four year program.)

  • Students must have records of good attendance and behavior history.

  • Students are encouraged to join the Family, Community, and Career Leaders of America. (A vocational education nationally affiliated student organization.)

  • Students must create and maintain a Professional Resource File throughout the program.

  • Students must receive teacher recommendations each year to continue in the program of study.

Program of Study

9th grade - Early Childhood Education 1 -1.0 Credit:

The students will complete a course of study in the rules and regulations governing child care, child growth and development, health, safety and nutrition, learning environments, observation and screening methods, and developmentally appropriate practice for young children. The curriculum will address communication skills, appropriate methods of guidance, planning, establishing and implementing emergent reading, writing, and language activities with children.

10th grade - Early Childhood Education 2 – 1.0 Credit:

The students will participate in basic curriculum development and interact with children as they plan, implement and evaluate learning activities with the preschoolers enrolled in “Freedom Friends Preschool” (our on-campus learning center.) The students will acquire competence in developing and teaching activities for young children. The curriculum will address professionalism, community needs and resources, career opportunities, interpersonal skills, communication, leadership and organizational skills.

11th grade - Early Childhood Education 3 – 1.0 Credit:

The students will develop, demonstrate and guide the physical, cognitive, creative and social/emotional development activities of children from infants to school age. Students will acquire competence in the areas of childhood development theories, literacy, and classroom management. They will apply their knowledge of program elements needed to create a successful developmentally appropriate curriculum and environment.

12th grade - Early Childhood Education 4 – 1.0 Credit:

The students will acquire competence in the areas of mentoring and team building, advocacy, current trends and issues in early childhood education, inclusion of children with special needs, and professional development.

Required electives: Child Development - Recommended electives: Family Dynamics, Food and Nutrition