Monticello Academy

The Monticello Scholar Academy of Excellence offers a course of study designed for students who compete academically at the national level. This rigorous and relevant curriculum will build and develop personal relationships. The Monticello Scholar Academy of Excellence focuses on developing the whole child through a tradition of:





Excellence & Tradition


Students who meet the requirements must fill out a Monticello Scholar Academy of Excellence application and attend an interview and essay appointment.


Monticello Application 2018-2019


Program Benefits

  • Program Guidance Counselor

  • Program Coordinator

  • Highly Qualified Teachers

  • Homogenous Ability Classes

  • Satisfaction of Academic Requirements for Florida Bright Futures

  • Scholarship: Florida Academic Scholars 100% of Florida Public SchoolTuition



Program Outcome Goals

  • Honors Diploma

  • Up to 24 College Credit Hours

  • Proven Leadership Skills

  • 100 Hours of Community Service

  • Fluent in World Language

  • National Merit Scholar Finalist



Contact Us

Matthew Panzano - Head Coordinator

Anise Veldkamp-McClellan - Co-Coordinator

Cheryl Neely-Mir - Assistant Principal